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Knowledgeable Staff

With over 25 years experience, Interior Visions has been serving the greater Moncton area
with its product knowledge of window treatments and home decor. Now renowned in the
area for its expertise in the industry, we take pride in our leading customer service. The
sales team at Interior Visions combines the expertise of both Interior Decorators and
Interior Designers, taking pride in meeting all the needs of our valued clientele, and
striving to serve you better.

Certified Interior Decorators & Designers
Our team of experts can provide you with the ideas and solutions which will bring your décor
dreams to reality. Our sales team consists of certified Interior Decorators and Certified Interior Designers to ensure you are receiving qualified and educated advice. As they join our team,
our sales staff continues to receive further extensive training in both blinds and drapery resulting
in typically having the tips, tricks and ideas to get you results faster and with less frustration.
Both residential and commercial projects are welcome.