Since 2008 Atlantic Starwall has been the local Moncton distributor and manufacturer inAtlantic Canada of commercial movable walls, re-usable walls, architectural walls movable partitions. Our Starwall movable walls, are unique for its design, flexibility, versatility, as well as its competitive price.

The Starwall movable walls' aluminum frame is 100% recyclable and is an environmentally friendly product. Starwall supports
LEED projects. Many major LEED projects have been completed using the Starwall Movable Wall system.
Our highly trained certified installation technician and
project management skills will ensure you get top
notch service and ensure your project goes smoothly
and your expectations are exceeded. With comparable
costs to drywall, Starwall offers the following
added values:

  • A total flexibility :
    • Unlimited insertions of materials (panels, glasses, lights, Venetian blinds, frames, etc.)
    • Unlimited choice of modulations (full solid, half glazed, full glazed, etc.)
    • Unlimited choice of colors in the RAL color chart
    • Choice of wall heights from a mini panel up to a 20’ height wall
  • A modern and dynamic look.
  • A superior Sound Transmission Class (STC 41).
  • (STC 41 = The loud voice is heard but not understood. Loud music is heard clearly.)
  • An installation twice faster than drywall.
  • No dust, no paint smell and no waste.
  • A fully movable product than can be dismantled and reassembled.
  • At only 10% of the cost of drywall when remodelling the walls.