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Blinds - Types/Styles

In addition to offering the products of many reputable suppliers, Interior Visions has become an expert in manufacturing and installing several types of their own custom blinds. Ask our sales team about motorization and remote control options.

  1” Horizontal
The 1” aluminum horizontal blind continues to be a very functional and budget friendly option for most windows with its popular features such as child safety tassels and operable light control.
  2” Aluminum Horizontal
Similar to the 1”, the 2” takes aluminum horizontal blinds to the next level with a more substantial and modern look allowing a clearer view to the outside as well as allowing more light to enter your indoor space.
  2” PVC Horizontals
The only horizontal to offer a variety of pattern and texture options, the 2” PVC is a stylish and durable option easily incorporated into any design setting. One of the most beneficial features of these blinds is the option of coordinating with a matching pattern in a vertical blind.
  2” Faux Wood Horizontal
Faux wood is a great option for those who want the look of wood on a budget. This blind is an ideal window treatment for areas of moderate humidity such as in bathroom applications.
2” Wood Horizontal
Our Bass Wood collection is the ultimate in richness and warmth. This top of the line, real wood product will add a finishing touch of quality and sophistication to any room.
  PVC Verticals
The ultimate product for functionality, PVC Verticals offer total light & privacy control, with minimal maintenance requirements. The popularity of PVC Verticals has lasted throughout the years and continues to prosper in a fashion forward way with its ever changing patterns and colors. The vertical blind continues to be the best solution for many windows and doors.
  Fabric Verticals
Fabric Verticals have the same practicality of the PVC with an added softness of its vast variety of fabrics and textures.
  Roller Shades
One of the most timeless and popular window treatments, Roller Shades can set the mood for any room. From light filtering to complete blackout, we can create a Roller Shade to meet any need. User friendly Roller Shades have styles that continue to advance with modern fabrics, valance options and exceptionally smooth control systems. From the traditional elements of scallops and fringes to the crisp clean lines of a modern shade, there is a shade to be designed for everyone.
Sheerweave Shades
Sheerweave Shades are the newest concept in the world of roller shades. Fabrics come in a multitude of degrees of openness anywhere from 1% to 10% allowing you to customize the amount of light to enter your space and the clarity of your view to the outdoors.
Panel Tracks
The addition of a panel track makes for an easy transition to a sleek and contemporary design for any space. With it’s uniquely smooth and effortless operation, it is the new modern alternative to the vertical blind. Panel tracks are ideal applications for large windows and patio doors. Similar to verticals, panel tracks also offer the convenience of very minimal maintenance and care requirements.